[GE users] SGE-5.3: subordinate-queues and limited slots

Erik Soyez soyez at science-computing.de
Mon Jan 31 18:15:28 GMT 2005

Hi, I have encountered a problem which may not be new, but I could not
find a solution.

I have exechosts with 2 processors each and two queues each.
queue "long" is subordinate to queue "express".  Each queue has got 2
slots and on each exechost the number of slots is limited to 2 as well.

A job running in queue "long" is supposed to be suspended by "express"
Jobs.  But as the "long"-queue is already using all of the host-slots, no
"express"-job gets scheduled on hosts where "long"-jobs are running.

If I set the number of slots per exechost to 4, "express"-jobs do get
scheduled and do suspend "long"-jobs, but only if the "express"-queue is
"full".  If I only submit a 1-slot job I end up running 3 slots (1
express and 2 long) on a node with only 2 processors.

Hmm, not well explained though.  What I want is clear:

No more than 2 slots on each host and any "express"-job is supposed to
suspend "long"-jobs, i.e. a 1-slot-"express"-job is supposed to suspend a

Any idea?




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