[GE users] How to Request a Number of Empty Nodes?

Peter P Cebull Peter.Cebull at inl.gov
Thu Mar 3 15:43:53 GMT 2005

Hello Users,

I am running some MPI benchmark jobs on our cluster using loosely
integrated (for now) MPICH and LAM MPI. Each of the nodes in our cluster
has two CPUs. The PE specifies the "fill_up" option, and I want the job
(including slaves) to only be scheduled on empty nodes (0/2 slots
occupied). So, for example, if I submit a job requesting 64 slots, I want
it to wait in the job list until 32 empty nodes are available, and NOT be
started when 64 slots open up on various non-empty nodes.

This seems to be a simple type of request -- can anyone suggest how this
can be done? At first I thought specifying -l slots=2 would cause the
scheduler to look for nodes with two available slots, but that does not
seem to be the case. Might I have to implement a load sensor to look for
empty nodes?

Peter Cebull
Idaho National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1625, MS3605
Idaho Falls, ID 83415
Phone: 208-526-1909
Email: Peter.Cebull at inl.gov

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