[GE users] Reservation for wrong host

Andrea Lorenz lorenz at rz.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Mar 4 08:21:30 GMT 2005


I have a big problem. Since a month we are using SGE 6.0 u3. Since some days the scheduler 
reservates queues for a job which are not suitable.

Here an example. The scheduler reserves the queue sunfire_e6900_sfl2.q at sunc10.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE for 
the job 66199 with h_rt=432000 (120:00:00). But the queue has only h_rt=4:00:00 .

What could be the reason for this wrong behavior?

Thanks in advance,

66199:1:RESERVING:1109923267:432000:Q:sunfire_e6900_sfl2.q at sunc10.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE:slots:1.000000

LINUX:linuxc27:/opt/sge/cluster/common[10]$ qconf -sq sunfire_e6900_sfl2.q at sunc10.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE
qname                 sunfire_e6900_sfl2.q
hostname              sunc10.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE
seq_no                0
load_thresholds       np_load_short=1.1 zzz_home_full=true zzz_work_full=true \
suspend_thresholds    NONE
nsuspend              1
suspend_interval      00:05:00
priority              0
min_cpu_interval      00:05:00
processors            UNDEFINED
qtype                 BATCH
ckpt_list             NONE
pe_list               NONE
rerun                 TRUE
slots                 48
tmpdir                /w0/tmp
shell                 /bin/yaksh
prolog                NONE
epilog                NONE
shell_start_mode      posix_compliant
starter_method        NONE
suspend_method        NONE
resume_method         NONE
terminate_method      /opt/sge6/bin/common/job_pre_post_skripte/terminate.sh \
notify                00:05:00
owner_list            NONE
user_lists            NONE
xuser_lists           NONE
subordinate_list      NONE
projects              NONE
xprojects             NONE
calendar              sunc10
initial_state         default
s_rt                  INFINITY
h_rt                  04:00:00
s_cpu                 INFINITY
h_cpu                 INFINITY
s_fsize               INFINITY
h_fsize               INFINITY
s_data                INFINITY
h_data                INFINITY
s_stack               INFINITY
h_stack               INFINITY
s_core                INFINITY
h_core                INFINITY
s_rss                 INFINITY
h_rss                 INFINITY
s_vmem                INFINITY
h_vmem                INFINITY

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