[GE users] Corrupt binary for 6.0u3 Sparc-64?

jeroen.m.kleijer at philips.com jeroen.m.kleijer at philips.com
Fri Mar 4 10:18:14 GMT 2005


In what way does it look corrupt?
I've downloaded and installed it and it works like a charm.... (though 
there are some problems with BerkeleyDB and checkpointing)

Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards

Jeroen Kleijer
Unix Systeembeheer
Philips Applied Technologies

Bjorn Isaksson <bjorn at zonecut.net>
2005-03-04 11:11 AM
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        Subject:        [GE users] Corrupt binary for 6.0u3 Sparc-64?


I'm trying to download sge-6.0u3-bin-sol-sparc64.tar.gz from
but that file looks corrupt. Or is it just me? 

Im have tried using the 32-bit version instead with some success, but
execd from the 32-bit package does not seem to do the right thing on my
Solaris 8 machine.

Besides compiling my own, can I find sge-6.0u3-bin-sol-sparc64.tar.gz
somewhere else?



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