[GE users] SGE output file permissions

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Fri Mar 4 15:41:57 GMT 2005

	Running 6.0u3 on Linux, SUSE 9.1 systems.

	I posted a few days ago about some permission issues we were having - the 
solution was indeed related to mismatched userid's across systems.  This has 
been addressed and things seem fine - however it drew my attention to an 
ongoing situation that we weren't aware of.

	When SGE creates either the standard output or standard error for a given 
job, by default it sets it to the ownership of the user that submitted the 
job.  However, I've noticed that the permission set is not using the umask 
for the user - it appears to be using (I assume) root's umask setting(we run 
SGE as root).  Is this correct, and can this be addressed?  The problem is 
that obviously I don't want to set roots umask to something unsafe, and if 
two users happen to run the same job at different times, any existing out 
files can't be overwritten and the job goes into a very-hard-to-diagnose 
error state.  I can hack around this in our wrapper scripts, but I'm 
wondering if there's an approved method or envar within SGE that addresses 



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