[GE users] Question about SGE 6.0u3 and FQDN hosts

Craig Tierney ctierney at hpti.com
Fri Mar 4 17:57:59 GMT 2005

On Feb 12th, a user named Steve noticed that all of his
host names are listed as FQDN, even though he told SGE to
ignore this.  This behavior was reported for SGE 6.0u3.

At installation, we specified that all hosts were in the 
same domain. 
I am installing 6.0u3 on a system and all I get are FQDN
hostnames, not short names.  I didn't initially have ignore_fqdn=true in
the configuration, but added it and restarted the server.
If I try and rename hosts, delete old hosts and recreate them,
or just create new host entries, they all come up FQDN.

Did the behavior of 6.0u3 change from previous versions?
My 6.0u1 installation doesn't have this problem, and the
/etc/hosts file is formatted exactly the same (they are the

Is this user error or did something change?


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