[GE users] SGE output file permissions

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Mar 7 09:31:58 GMT 2005


> 	Running 6.0u3 on Linux, SUSE 9.1 systems.
> 	I posted a few days ago about some permission issues we were having - the
> solution was indeed related to mismatched userid's across systems.  This has
> been addressed and things seem fine - however it drew my attention to an
> ongoing situation that we weren't aware of.
> 	When SGE creates either the standard output or standard error for a given
> job, by default it sets it to the ownership of the user that submitted the
> job.  However, I've noticed that the permission set is not using the umask
> for the user - it appears to be using (I assume) root's umask setting(we run
> SGE as root).  Is this correct, and can this be addressed?

"umask 022" is indirectly hardcoded in the job output files umask.
(umask(022) is set during shepherd startup.

> The problem is that obviously I don't want to set roots umask to something
> unsafe, and if two users happen to run the same job at different times,
> any existing out files can't be overwritten and the job goes into a
> very-hard-to-diagnose error state.  I can hack around this in our wrapper
> scripts, but I'm wondering if there's an approved method or envar within
> SGE that addresses this.

Hmm, are you saying that jobs from different users are creating the same
stderr/out files? Why?

There are no means to specify the job output file permissions - it
would require to change the code.


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