[GE users] SGE output file permissions

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Mar 8 12:57:35 GMT 2005

Depending on your final workflow, but just as an idea: when you use the 
-e/-o anyway, what about including/append the $USER there, as it's 
supported by qsub for -e/-o? Side effect is a documentation, who created 
this output.

In your job script you could then create a symbolic link with the name 
without the username [as you want to have it finally, and for which you 
can set different permissions on your own as you like] pointing to the 
last created version. So, you could continue to copy the resulting files 
to anywhere else or backup them by using the filename without the 
user-suffix. - Reuti

John Coldrick wrote:
> On Monday 07 March 2005 04:31, Andy Schwierskott wrote:
>>"umask 022" is indirectly hardcoded in the job output files umask.
>>(umask(022) is set during shepherd startup.
> 	Ah.
>>Hmm, are you saying that jobs from different users are creating the same
>>stderr/out files? Why?
> 	Because we want that and have set it up that way.  Users are submitting 
> hundreds of jobs, which in turn can submit hundreds of jobs - there's simply 
> too much clutter and debugging a problem, or even maintaining relatively neat 
> directories, becomes an issue.  Instead, we have output redirected to 
> conceptual naming based on task submitted, and it appends to the files.  Thus 
> this problem.
>>There are no means to specify the job output file permissions - it
>>would require to change the code.
> 	OK, understood.  Might be something to think about, anyway, since it's 
> writing it out as a user, matching that user's umask...although perhaps that 
> is too much extra work.  Probably better would simply be a config variable.
> 	Thanks, at least I know what to workaround now...
> 	Cheers,
> 	J.C.

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