[GE users] Fairshare priority question

Dan Gruhn Dan.Gruhn at Group-W-Inc.com
Tue Mar 8 15:00:04 GMT 2005


Here is what I've distilled in the process of getting an equal share
policy to work and is from a document I wrote.

The simplest way to configure users is to use user based equal sharing
of re-sources, with automatic registration of users.  To do this,
configure your cluster global configuration (see sge_conf(5)) with the
enforce_user	auto
auto_user_fshare	100

Using the qmon GUI configuration tool, click the "Cluster Configuration"
button, select "global" in the left column and click the "Modify"
button.  In the General Settings tab , look for the "Automatic User
Defaults area at the lower right, set "Functional Shares" to 100.  Just
above that, set "Enforce User" to "Auto" ("Enforce Project" should be
Next, configure your scheduler configuration (see sched_conf(5)) with
the following:
weight_tickets_functional	10000

Again using qmon, click on "Policy Configuration" button.  In the
"Ticket Policy" section, set "Total Functional Tickets" to 10000.
This will result in having each user automatically registered in the
computing grid when they submit a job, and each user having equal access
to grid resources.  That is, if Bob and Wanda both submit jobs, barring
any other constraints, they will share the currently available computing
resources equally.  You can view the currently reg-istered set of users
by using qmon, clicking on the "User Configuration" button, and
selecting the User tab.

Also, take a look at this thread from this mailing list for some
references Reuti gave me:



On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 09:45, slitster at rcn.com wrote:

> I may be missing something totally obvious here.
> I've set up a functional share policy with 10000 tickets.
> 20 users have 100 tickets each.
> The share policy doesn't seem to be working as it still 
> appears to be scheduling FIFO, ie. one user has 3000 jobs 
> queued, another user wants to launch 10 jobs, but they are 
> queued after the 3000 jobs with the same priority (0.55).
> What have I missed?
> Cheers,
> Steve
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