[GE users] Fairshare priority question: High CPU utilization followup

slitster at rcn.com slitster at rcn.com
Wed Mar 9 15:45:13 GMT 2005

Firstly thanks to all those who repsonded so quickly to my 
original request.

I nailed the problem down to the following parameter being 
set to low  (200 by default) -I had close to 4000 jobs queued

max_functional_jobs_to_schedule 200

I increased the number to 5000, and all the queued jobs 
recieved "tickets" with appropriate scheduling.

This leads to me to another question, my CPU utilization of 
the scheduling node (Dual 3.2Xeon) is now constantly 50-55% 
utilized (there is no iowait). Are other people seeing this 
type of CPU utilization on a head node when they have about 
4000 jobs queued?



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