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Ralf Sigmund sigmund at ipk-gatersleben.de
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i am sure this question has been answered before. However I have not 
been able to find the optimal solution maself so I apologize for asking 
it again:

given a SGE 6 cluster with 79 dual cpu machines
a hierachy of clusterwide queues are defined:

short_high   with subordinate high,long,low
high             with subordinate long,low
long             with subordinate low

jobs shall be suspended when there are no more free CPUs and additional 
jobs are submitted into a queue that is higher in the hierachy.

here are my problems:
if i do not set a default queue and somone submits 8  jobs the result is 
as follows:
node1 has 2 running jobs in queue short_high, 2 suspended jobs in high, 
2 suspended jobs in long, ...
node 2 is idle and waiting for work

if I add
-q low
to /opt/SGE/default/common/sge_request  then jobs without -q parameter 
are correctly executed in queue low
however a set of jobs with -q long are executed as follows:
node1 has 2 running jobs in queue long, 2 suspended queue in low
node2 has 2 running jobs in queue long, 2 suspended queue in low
all other nodes are idle.

so the -q setting appears to be additive. Is there an alternative 
non-additive way to define a default queue?

i tried to set the queue configuration
load_thresholds       slots=0
without any effect and
load_thresholds       slots<1
appears to be the wrong syntax.

i found out how to define a global consumable in the complex, but how do 
i define a per-host consumable?

Thanks for Your Help

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