[GE users] question on 6.0u3 Mac OS X binaries and the included libs for libcrypto and libssl

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Mar 10 16:45:21 GMT 2005

Much appreciated! Apologies for the word combo which may trip some 
people's content filters. I'll be more careful in the future.


Andy Schwierskott wrote:

> Chris,
> short answer: yes - you may safeley delete libcrypto/libssl if you don't
> install SGE in CSP mode. The applies for Mac and all archs where SGE uses
> dlopen() to load the shared libs (so not HP, SGI, not sure if there are
> others).
> Andy
> PS: Hopefully "XXX XXX" is not registered on any blacklists ....
>> Every time I upgrade a Mac OS X cluster running 6.0u1 to 6.0u3 (using 
>> the offical binaries) I end up breaking SSH clients for a short time.
>> The reason is that ssh is following the SGE set ENV value of 
>> DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SGE_ROOT/lib/darwin and bombing out with version 
>> mismatch errors - the version of libcrypto that comes with the SGE 
>> 6.0u3 binary packages is different from what the ssh client wants.
>> The ssh client problem goes away via 2 methods:
>> Changing DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to "/usr/lib:$SGE_ROOT/lib/darwin" so that 
>> SSH loads the libraries it wants from /usr/lib
>> -or-
>> Deleting the libcrypto and libssl libraries from the 
>> $SGE_ROOT/lib/darwin directory
>> Deleting the libraries is easier than globally policing the value of 
>> DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on a cluster.
>> I *think* the libssl and libcrypto stuff may only be needed if SGE is 
>> installed in that special secure mode, right? If I'm not planning on 
>> using secure mode is it safe to just delete the libcrypto and 
>> libssl libraries that 6.0u3 tries to install?

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