[GE users] fatal error, run database recovery

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 01:24:50 GMT 2005

I don't know much about BDB, but looking at the
documentation, there are a few nice utilities:


May be we should call db_verify if an unclean shutdown
of the qmaster occured.


--- Craig Tierney <ctierney at hpti.com> wrote:
> Would it be possible to create a database dump and 
> rebuild script?  It doesn't seem like it would be
> that
> difficult now that SGE 6 support the list option to
> list
> each entry available (like qconf -sql).
> We would just have to make sure that we list out
> every
> configuration that exists.  For those that have
> list, like
> queues, parallel environments, and execution hosts,
> we would
> iterate over each entry.
> I would like this for two reasons.  First backing up
> the database would
> be good for times when database corruption occurs. 
> I have
> had problems with SGE 5.3 and NFS mounts when
> configuration files
> get corrupted.  At least you can repair the ascii
> files by hand.
> For a BDB file, it might not be possible.  Second, a
> backup/restore
> feature would be very hand for upgrades from classic
> spooling
> to BDB.  This probably doesn't happen much, but it
> is the reason
> I want to write it in the first place.
> Can anyone think of any gotchas to this idea?
> Craig

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