[GE users] Retrieving details about finished jobs

Michal Ludvig michal at logix.cz
Wed Mar 16 02:22:07 GMT 2005

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Hi all,

how can I retrieve detailed information about finished jobs? At least I
need to reconstruct the information that I get by e-mail on job
completion, e.g. something like:

Job 3283 (awk_sam001) Complete
 User             = sgeuser
 Queue            = sge117.q
 Host             = sge117.grid
 Start Time       = 03/15/2005 11:45:49
 End Time         = 03/15/2005 19:23:02
 User Time        = 00:00:03
 System Time      = 00:00:08
 Wallclock Time   = 07:37:13
 CPU              = 00:00:11
 Max vmem         = 67.35M
 Exit Status      = 0

Preferably with the account_string and PE used as well.

Are there any options for 'qstat' that would reveal these informations?
(BTE I don't need this nice formatting, just the numbers :-)


Michal Ludvig

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