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Vijay Avarachen vavarachen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 20:51:55 GMT 2005

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As per Ron Chen's suggestion I read and tried out the File-Staging
how-to @http://gridengine.sunsource.net/project/gridengine/howto/filestaging/
.  Here is what I did:
[1] moved the prolog and epilog scripts to /usr/share/sge/bin/lx24-x86/

[2] qconf -mq all.q
prolog                /usr/share/sge/bin/lx24-x86/file_trans_prlg.sh
epilog                /usr/share/sge/bin/lx24-x86/file_trans_eplg.sh

[3] On master, in /working/sample downloaded the changecase.sh and

[4] from the above directory executed
qsub -v SGE_IN=song_of_wreck.txt,SGE_OUT=output.txt changecase.sh

It submitted the job on the nodes but errored out.  From the exec node
message file:
03/16/2005 13:59:11|execd|node1|E|shepherd of job 98.1 exited with
exit status = 28
03/16/2005 13:59:11|execd|node1|W|reaping job "98" ptf complains: Job
does not exist
03/16/2005 13:59:11|execd|node1|E|can't open usage file
"active_jobs/98.1/usage" for job 98.1: No such file or directory
03/16/2005 13:59:11|execd|node1|E|"03/16/2005 13:59:11 [0:8239]:
error: can't chdir to /working/sample: No such file or directory"

Since it did not create the /working/sample directory, I moved the
files from sample to /working (all exec nodes have /working) and ran
the [4] step again. I got error message:
03/16/2005 14:09:59|execd|node4|E|shepherd of job 100.1 exited with
exit status = 7
03/16/2005 14:09:59|execd|node4|W|reaping job "100" ptf complains: Job
does not exist

I was not sure if the exec nodes need the prolog and epilog scripts,
so to play it safe I placed them at the same location on all exec
nodes. Still no luck.

I noticed that all.q file definition uses tmpdir and not TMPDIR.  I
was not sure if this mattered so I added export TMPDIR="/tmp" to
/etc/profile of all the exec nodes...still no go :-(

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