[GE users] integrating matlab distributed computing engine

Ben Singer bdsinger at Princeton.EDU
Wed Mar 16 22:18:02 GMT 2005

I am running a trial of The Mathworks distributed computing engine 
(DCE), which I would like to integrate with Sun Grid Engine. In DCE, 
matlab worker processes execute tasks submitted by users. However, 
either the workers are run as a fixed user, and do work on behalf of 
multiple users, or users can launch workers reserved for themselves as 
needed. The former is more convenient and efficient, and one will never 
run out of licenses, but SGE cannot track usage by user-- it is all 
accounted to the fixed user. The latter would allow user-level usage 
accounting, but defeats much of the purpose of DCE since it locks 
workers to users.

This seems like a general problem-- services running on clusters that 
do work on behalf of users that connect to them. How can the resources 
consumed by such processes be correctly accounted for in SGE policy?

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