[GE users] Monitoring Softwares...

Sriram Sitaraman Sriram.Sitaraman at synopsys.com
Fri Mar 18 16:49:04 GMT 2005


	Seems like this question has come up a few time with no real
good solution. Is there "SGE" related monitoring system that
consolidates some important values like

	Machine load
	Machine CPU %

	Jobs Submitted
	CPU/ Per User
	Jobs Pending
	Average Turn around Time / Average Wait Time/ Average Run Time 
	Job based timings
	Idle Jobs
	Job Jobs

We have been working on a interface, but managing the accounting file is
very hard, as it grows very fast. Also we are on version 6.0. Currently
some of the systems out there seem to be more cluster centric, but not
related to SGE. 

Any help..


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