[GE users] Altix Linux 64 ia64 cpus

Wal walid.shaari at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 14:54:20 GMT 2005

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Dear All,
I have installed SGE 5.3 from source on an altix machine, and users
are testing it at the moment, I need to get solid ground on
adminstration, is it worth it to take the web training provided by

and is it worth it to go to SGE 6, and which update is the stable
update, i am already worried of using sleepycat, and would rather make
things simple, as we are an openpbs shop, and already my team lead,
and several admins have thier concerns against SGE , and advising me
to go to pbs pro instead. sorry for the digress back to the subject

having a 64 cpu altix machine

my questions are :
1- I need to set 4 cpus aside for interactive jobs,and system daemons,
and 60 for parallel jobs, should i say in cpuset.map 60 followed by 60
zeros or 64 1111 followed by 60 zero, which is better?

2- where exactly this file cpuset.map should be, as it seems to work,
but one user runing a  parallel job had an error pointing to the
location of this file ( i still need to check this out)

3- qmon segfaults in sge5.3, does any one know the fix?

4- how do i find out the stats of how many cpus, and memory were used,
elapsed time from something like qstat/qmon?



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