[GE users] RE: Pick nodes from one queue plus 1 node from another queue

William Burke wburke999 at msn.com
Wed Mar 30 07:23:21 BST 2005

There are M nodes in machine list and lets say that I want to submit a job
that can explicitly pick an exact amount of nodes from one particular queue
and  only one 

node from another queue which equals the total # of nodes found in the


So for instance:


The user launches a parallel job that requests 33 processors. If two queues
exist, QueueA.q (consisting of 45 nodes) and FatQueueB.q (consisting of 2
nodes from QueueA.q's nodes) the user wants the ability to specify 32
processors from QueueA.q and only 1 processor from FatQueueB.q, what is the
best way to implement that? 


This is the situation:


1.    The particular application needs N processors for a job

2.    I request this in -pe mpich N parameter

3.    SGE generates M machines in its $pe_hostfile list based on the Nth

4.    As we already know the algorithm that creates $pe_hostfile says create
M nodes {if N is an even number then the Mth node should be N/2 else the Mth
node should be (Nth+1)/2} 

a.    I need some way to tell SGE that the Mth (or last) node of the
Machinefile list always has to be a node from the FatQueue.q which I use
those type of nodes for heavy io processing of the job.

b.    I do not want a job to run unless the Mth (or last) node in the
Machinefile is a node from FatQueue.q otherwise the job should wait until
that request is filled.

5.    Ultimately the correctly formatted mpirun machinefile gets created
from the final $pe_hostfile of M nodes.


FWIW, usually the amount of processors is odd.

What is very important is that the last node of the mpirun machinefile list
is always from the FatQueueB.q. 






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