[GE users] Educating users

Marconnet, James E Mr /Computer Sciences Corporation james.marconnet at smdc.army.mil
Thu Mar 31 18:18:39 BST 2005

Just curious if anyone has anything to share about how you educate your
rocket scientist** users how to set up their software/data/run matrixes for
successful cluster runs, how to test a few cases first before submitting the
entire fine-pitched run matirx, how to submit multiple jobs other than
manually, how to monitor jobs, what the applicable ques are, etc. etc.  I've
seen two school web pages on specific SGE commands that were somewhat
helpful. But nothing so far on pre-run planning to run effectively on a

**Note: Yes, sometimes it DOES take a Rocket Scientist, especially here in
Rocket City, Huntsville, AL!)

Jim Marconnet

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