[GE users] Courtesy binaries for 6.0u4?

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon May 2 11:26:25 BST 2005


yes, of course there will be courtesy binaries like always! We'll create the
packages by end of this week or by the beginning of next week and we'll
upload a snapshot of the source code to the project page to the "Documents
& files" page. The announcement will be sent as usally to the mailing

Those who build Grid Engine themselves can already checkout the tag


from the "gridengine" module in CVS.

New in this release is support for Solaris 10_x64 (Solaris 64-bit on AMD's
Opteron CPU's). Installation in Solaris 10 x86 and x64 Containers (aka.
zones) works now without exporting the /dev/kmem interface to the zones. The
new "qconf -purge" switch allows to easily remove all references to hosts or
hostgroups in a cluster queue - this facilitates the un-installation of an
execution host. The full list of bug fixes will be published here


and the (updates) install notes will be here



> It looks like many bugs have been fixed in the u4 patch. Any plans to make 
> the binaries available for download, or is it something we have to build 
> ourselves?

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