[GE users] question about scripts with X display

Fred L Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Wed May 4 09:49:38 BST 2005

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Hi Chris,

Reuti has already suggested the virtual frame buffer, have a look at the 
Xvfb (capital X) man page and the examples at the bottom. I have used it 
both on solaris and linux, but not with GE jobs. This should solve your 
problem as long as you are not interested in seeing the windows being 
displayed on a screen, although you can use xwd to get a screen dump of 
the windows from your script!

>> 1. Is there a way to test if the X server is available?

You can use xdpyinfo, or even something like 'xterm -e date' and check 
the shel exit code.

>> throw so many windows up on the designated X server, that it
>> occasionally crashes. When the X server crashes, or the X server is
>> otherwise unavailable, the rest of the jobs basically fail (rather
>> ungracefully).

Using Xvfb you can have multiple isolated virtual frame buffers that go 
away at the end of the job.

If you really need a physical screen for your jobs, you can probably 
write some sort of load sensor that is based on the number of current 
windows, e.g. 'xlsclients | wc -l', and stop jobs from starting if there 
are too many windows.



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