[GE users] Default queue state for rebooted machines?

Robert Griffiths Robert.Griffiths at mitsubishi-sec-intl.com
Wed May 4 10:43:28 BST 2005

Hi Fred,

Thanks for those suggestions. I rather like the 'qmod -d' solution in the
startup - that means I can farm out the job to someone else ;-)

The idea about waiting for a flag file could be a winner as well, except
that the shared memory data is usually populated by a human-operated shell
script and we'd rather be short of a machine rather than suffer potentially
corrupt (old) data, so I don't think that's a "go-er". Shame.

As for loadsensors, erm... That's not something I'm familiar with at all,
so, unless it's ludicrously easy, I'm opting for leaving that one alone.

Thanks for a quick reply!


PS Apologies for the length of the company-added .sig - nothing I can do...

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Hi Rob,

The enabled/disabled state of a queue/host is stored within the qmaster 
rather than the execd on the node.

One simple solution I can think of is to stick 'qmod -d ...' inside the 
sge startup script on each node, let the execd to startup and then 
manually enable it afterwards.

Alternatively, you can always make the startup script loop/wait for the 
presence of a flag file which is created after the shared data is 
loaded. Or, How about a loadsensor that indicates the presence of the 
shared data on each node? ...



Robert Griffiths wrote:
> Morning all,
> I was just wondering if there is a way to configure SGE (version 5.3p6) in
> such a way that when a known machine/execution host reboots itself (for
> whatever reason) and becomes operational again, it should not
> be placed in the set of active execution hosts? Something as simple as
> starting all queueus in disabled mode would be ideal.
> Our jobs rely on data being uploaded into shared memory before they can
> and, because the machine rebooted and was devoid of our data in its shared
> memory, SGE sent huge amounts of jobs to that machine because it was
> processing them so quickly. We would have been better off if the machine
> remained dead!
> Any ideas if this is possible? If it is possible but only in N1Grid, then
> please let me know as we will be migrating to 6.0.4 (or whatever the then
> current version) later on this year.
> Cheers,
> Rob

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