[GE users] Default queue state for rebooted machines?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed May 4 11:32:14 BST 2005

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Hi, is the queue dedicated to one program? Maybe it (the test) can be 
put in a queue prolog which exits with -1 in this case and send the 
queue to error state. The job will be requeued in this case. - Reuti

Robert Griffiths wrote:
> Hi Magnus,
> Thanks for your input.
> I like your idea of having the job scripts check for the existence of the
> shared data. However, we already have this kind of checking within the code
> of the *executable* to look for the appropriate segment and it throws an
> exception when it cannot find the segment it's looking for. As it happens,
> by the time the jobs are executing, it's already too late to stop that
> machine from becoming a black hole unless, as you state, you can force the
> queue into an Error state after a thrown exception.
> I'll have a dig through the admin manuals again to see if I can find
> something about forcing a queue error state - that would be an acceptable
> solution!
> Cheers,
> Rob
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> Subject: Re: [GE users] Default queue state for rebooted machines?
> Robert Griffiths wrote:
>>Morning all,
>>I was just wondering if there is a way to configure SGE (version 5.3p6) in
> such a way
>>that when a known machine/execution host reboots itself (for whatever
> reason) and
>>becomes operational again, it should not automatically be placed in the
> set of active
>>execution hosts? Something as simple as starting all queueus in disabled
> mode would be
>>Our jobs rely on data being uploaded into shared memory before they can
> run and,
>>because the machine rebooted and was devoid of our data in its shared
> memory, SGE sent
>>huge amounts of jobs to that machine because it was processing them so
> quickly. We
>>would have been better off if the machine had remained dead!
> .....
> I think your barking up the wrong tree here. As I see it you have 2
> problems:
> 1. Your jobs doesn't check for input/doesn't load input before starting.
> Fix the job scripts so they either check for correct input before running
> (with some 
> proper timeout) or loads the input if they can determine that themselves. If
> no input 
> found, exit the job with some other value than 0.
> 2. Incorrectly set up machines/jobs becomes a black hole.
> Make sure jobs fail with some proper value so the machine/queue is actually
> put in an 
> error state. Rather boring, but as you point out, having a black hole eating
> all jobs is 
> much worse. I don't remember right now how to finish a job so the
> queue/machine ends up in 
> an error state, but I do remember having read it somewhere. It has also
> happened to me 
> (inadvertently) so I know it can be done.
> regards
> Magnus Söderberg
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