[GE users] Preemption vs dedicating nodes by group?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed May 4 22:08:18 BST 2005

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Quoting Jim Marconnet <jmarconnet at knology.net>:

> Also, do you have an email, a memo, a readme.txt file, a webpage, or
> whatever you use now or you will use to educate/instruct your users so they
> know how it all works and what they must do and what they must not do to
> make this scheme work well for everyone that you could share? Having their
> job unexpectedly killed and restarted from the beginning after several
> days,
> weeks, or even months run time could be an unpleasant surprise! And
> unexpected, unexplained file corruption would be an even worse! Perhaps you
> just name your secondary queue "run_jobs_here_at_your_own_peril.q".
> If they figure out that if they simply and conveniently leave off the -ckpt
> flag in their qsub command, it could be dangerous to the overall scheme.
> Who
> wants their jobs to be (voluntarily) killed and restarted if they can
> conveniently "leave off" that mysterious alphabet-soup flag and thus be
> immune from automatic kill/restart?

You could check in the queue prolog (or maybe better: starter_method) whether 
$SGE_CKPT_ENV is set - if not, don't run the job. - Reuti 

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