[GE users] limiting the number of jobs scheduled per cycle

Jim Marconnet jmarconnet at knology.net
Thu May 5 09:16:14 BST 2005

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This is probably not exactly what you are looking for, but in our scripting
of qsub of multiple jobs we insert a "sleep 2" after each qsub command to
delay two seconds before qsubing the next job. We're using 6.0u3, but that
should not matter.

Once all available nodes are running jobs, I believe it would not be
necessary to include this delay, but it's easier to just do it between
all qsubs than to figure out if there are still available nodes. But if
someone knows an easy way to determine that and shares it, we might
also use their technique.

In our case it was authentication that prompted us to do this. Otherwise if
we qsubed thousands of jobs one right after another, we hammered our
authentication server and ended up in a real convoluted mess.

Jim Marconnet

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Shane Canon [mailto:canon at nersc.gov]
> We would like to limit the number of jobs
> that get launched together during a scheduling cycle on a per user basis.
> I'm trying to create a method using standard resources.  I was thinking of
> have the jobs modify there own resource requirement
> (consumption) after they start running, but I don't think qalter allows
> this.  Another method would be for the job to modify the quantity for a
> global resource.  I think I could make this work, but it would be rather
> convoluted.
> Any ideas how we can accomplish this?

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