[GE users] controlling openmp jobs

Andreas Haas Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Mon May 9 09:55:18 BST 2005

On Sat, 7 May 2005, Fred L Youhanaie wrote:

> Hi Shing,
> The problem you are describing is not just limited to openmp programs, a
> user can easily, kick off multiple concurrent processes from shell by
> running them in the background.
> A solution that we adopted a few years ago, which I believe is common at
> other sites, is to educate the users and create an acceptable use
> policy. A good way of policing this is to look at the accounting records
> for the various jobs and verifying that (wallclock*slots >= total cpu),
> and then warn/punish the users!

In fact that scheme is applied with per job limits. For that however
jobs must request s_cpu or h_cpu resource. Jobs that consume more
total cpu time than slots*h_cpu get terminated.


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