[GE users] high CPU load for sge_qmaster

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Tue May 10 12:35:12 BST 2005

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Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer wrote:
> Sean Dilda wrote:
>> christian reissmann wrote:
>>> Hi Sean, Stephan
>>> FYI: Your using 60u3 in CSP mode, the CSP framework was reworked for the
>>> 60u4 release. May it be an option for you to switch to 60u4?
>> I plan on switching to 6.0u4 at some point.  However, even if 6.0u4 
>> was final today, I wouldn't be able to do the cluster-wide outage to 
>> upgrade until at least mid-June.
> The upgrade should be painless. Please have a look at the release notes 
> when u4 is available. It isjust an exchange of the binaries.

Do u3 execd's work with a u4 qmaster?  Given past experience and the 
statements about all the changes in the commlib, I would assume not.  As 
such, I have to do a scheduled outage of the cluster to upgrade.  Since 
this is a production cluster that's experiencing the problems, I also 
need to test it out with the features we use just in just in case. 
Sometimes there are regressions in newer versions and I'd rather catch 
them before I put the code on my production machine.

What's the current plan for when the 6.0u4 code will be finalized?

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