[GE users] Tmpdir in Queue Configuration changing

Juelge Katharina (CM-DI/EDP2) * Katharina.Juelge at de.bosch.com
Wed May 11 14:09:44 BST 2005


I have a problem with our Queue Configuration.

We use several cluster queues, each containing several hosts. In our
cluster, jobs have to have their temporary directories at certain given
locations, not /tmp. This is specific to every single host, so I can't
use a default value for the temporary directory. Therefore, I configured
the desired locations with qmon in Queue Control -> Cluster Queues ->
Modify -> General Configuration -> tmp Directory with a different value
for every host. There is no default in the @/ line (the entry is NONE).

Sometimes, one or two of the host tmp dir values change to NONE, too.
There is no apparent explanation for that, and I'm sure no one has
actively done it. I always reverse the change, but it keeps on happening
(with different hosts and in different queues). Does anybody have an

We are using SGE 6.0u3.



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