[GE users] V6 scheduler woes

McCalla, Mac macmccalla at hess.com
Wed May 11 16:38:20 BST 2005

Hello all,

	I am running v6.0u4beta downloaded and built Apr 26 for a RHEL 3
update 4 Linux .   In trying to diagnose why some user jobs were not
being scheduled I issued the qconf -tsm command .  I also had
flush_submit_sec and flush_finish_sec set to 0 .  The result appears to
be that
the schedd_runlog file is being written to continuously for the last 1.5
hours.  I have set flush_submit_sec and flush_finish_sec to 30 now but
without apparent effect.  Anyone know how to turn this off short of
bouncing the qmaster? (assuming that will do it?).  Thanks.
Mac McCalla 
Geoscience Systems Consultant
Amerada Hess Corporation
500 Dallas St. , Houston, Texas  77002

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