[GE users] Fair Share Scheduling Question

Michael Coffman coffman at ftc.agilent.com
Thu May 12 16:52:27 BST 2005


I am trying to get fair share scheduling running on SGE 5.3p3.  But it
does not seem to work as described in the docs.   Here is what I ran to
setup up basic fair share using the special default user:

----- Configure Tickets -------
Start qmon
Select Ticket configuration
In the 'Edit Tickets Section'
   - Set 'Total Share Tree Tickets' = 1000000
   - Set 'Total Functional Tickets' = 0
   - Set 'Maximum Deadline Inition Tickets' = 0
Select - 'Apply'
----- Configure Share Tree -------
Select 'Project Configuration'
Select 'Add'
  Enter the name of the default project that you want to use.
In the 'Ticket Configuration' section
Select 'Share Tree Policy'
Select 'Add Node'
  Enter 'Root' as the name
Select 'Add Node' again
  Add a default project name 'Main'
With the Main project selected, select 'Add Leaf'
  Enter the name 'default'
  Enter the number of tickets '100'
Click Apply button

To test this I setup up 2 test users (userA and userB).  The grid has 4
queues.  I submitted 20 jobs from userA.   All the jobs queued up fine and
4 userA jobs started running.  I then ran a job as userB.  The job sat 
at the bottom of the queue and waited until all userA's jobs had run.

I expected the userB job to move to the top of the stack, but it did not.  What
am I missing here?

As another experiment I tried to just configure the scheduler's user_sort
parameter to true.    This behaved the same way.   All queued job's from
userA must finish before userBs job runs.   It's like it had no affect.
Here is my sched_conf currently:

algorithm                  default
schedule_interval          0:0:15
maxujobs                   0
queue_sort_method          load
user_sort                  true
job_load_adjustments       np_load_avg=0.50
load_adjustment_decay_time 0:7:30
load_formula               np_load_avg
schedd_job_info            true
sgeee_schedule_interval    0:0:30
halftime                   0
usage_weight_list          cpu=1,mem=0,io=0
compensation_factor        5
weight_user                0.2
weight_project             0.2
weight_jobclass            0.2
weight_department          0.2
weight_job                 0.2
weight_tickets_functional  0
weight_tickets_share       1000000
weight_tickets_deadline    0

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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