[GE users] s_rt default value

William Hay ccaawih at ucl.ac.uk
Thu May 12 17:31:54 BST 2005

we're working with SGE 5.3 (We're planning to upgrade but not yet).

We're trying to impose time limits on an existing cluster with most of the 
machines dedicated to running shorter jobs while some run significantly
longer jobs.  We would like jobs where no value for s_rt is requested
to run on the nodes for longer jobs (better to make people wait than kill
their job part way through).  However it appears you cannot set a default
value for non-consumable resources and making s_rt or h_rt consumable doesn't
seem sensible.

The best idea I've had so far (IMAO) is to replace qsub and friends with wrapper
scripts which request the default (fortunately it appears that requests later
on the command line override requests earlier on the command line).

does anyone know of a better way to implement this?


William Hay

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