[GE users] Problem starting sge_execd

Gary Thomas gthomas at ForteDS.com
Mon May 16 18:39:39 BST 2005


Hi, I hope someone has a suggestion for me.  We have a running GRID with
30+ nodes on it but I'm

Having problems getting sge_execd started on one of the nodes.  If I use
the startup script sgeexecd,

I get not error messages, and nothing gets written to the spool
directory messages file.  If I start

Sge_execd directly, I get the following error message.


error: commlib error: endpoint is not unique error (endpoint
"pgh-grid33.forteds.com/execd/1" is already connected)

error: getting configuration: unable to contact qmaster using port 537
on host "pgh-grid00.forteds.com"

can't get configuration from qmaster -- waiting ...

error: there is already a client endpoint pgh-grid33.forteds.com/execd/1
connected to qmaster service


sge_execd is not running on this node.  It looks like something is
confused.  Any clues?






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