[GE users] question about qrsh and qsub

Dan Gruhn Dan.Gruhn at Group-W-Inc.com
Mon May 16 21:08:09 BST 2005

I can certainly do that but is there some more automatic way or do I
need to remember this step each time I do a build?  That is, I see
qhost, qsub, qdel, etc., are all in the same directory.  How is it that
they make it to my distribution but qevent does not?  What is it so
special (or perhaps non-special)?

On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 17:02, Rayson Ho wrote:

> Just copy the qevent binary to the bin/<arch> directory...
> I think there is no manpage for qevent, but you can get some info from
> "qevent -help":
> > qevent -help
> SGE 6.0u4
> usage:
> qevent [-h|-help] -ts|-testsuite
> qevent [-h|-help] -trigger EVENT SCRIPT [ -trigger EVENT SCRIPT, ... ]
>    -h,  -help             show usage
>    -ts, -testsuite        run in testsuite mode
>    -trigger EVENT SCRIPT  start SCRIPT (executable) when EVENT occurs
> SCRIPT - path to a executable shell script
>          1. command line argument: event name
>          2. command line argument: jobid
>          3. command line argument: taskid
> EVENT  - One of the following event category:
>          JB_END      - job end event
>          JB_TASK_END - job task end event
> Rayson
> >Rayson,
> >
> >I've looked a bit and can find qevent in my build area but it doesn't
> >show up in my bin directory or in any man pages.  What do I need to
> >enable or whatever to have it part of the 6.0u4 distribution I am
> >compiling?
> >Dan
> >
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