[GE users] [ANNOUNCE] SGE Integration packages for Globus Toolkit 4 now av

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Mon May 16 22:07:35 BST 2005

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Dear All,

Let me answer the question about bugs in the thread
"[GE users] [ANNOUNCE] SGE Integration packages for Globus Toolkit 4 now
avai" informing about another existing version of GT 3.4.[4,5] - SGE 6.0
Integration packages (done by Gridwise Technologies).
The presented version of Integration has been created partially in
cooperation with London e-Science Centre. It contains some significant
changes in comparison with the version released by LeSC.
Announced set of the GPT packages contains:
- SGE and DRMAA interfaces,
- globus-scheduler-provider-sge,
- fixed bugs mentioned on http://www.apgrid.org/globus-sge/index.html (See
mail sent by Melvin Koh
Two bugs
(jobs could not be executed and canceled for $SGE_CELL other than
"default" and
the script interpret the command line as no arguments if the first
argument is 0) has been fixed after
Melvin's email (Thanks for pointing it !).

The Integration software is available on:
(GPT packages: http://www.gridwisetech.com/sge-gt/gpt/ and doc on:

In case of problems please feel free to send email to:
(reaction of authors will be faster).



On Wed, 04 May 2005, David McBride wrote:

>> 1) Melvin sent to the list about the SGE-Globus
>> integration done by GTRC. That one is based on yours
>> with some bugs fixed, and new features added.
>> Does your new version include his fixes?
>No, I'm afraid it doesn't -- I only found saw that announcement after
>our codebase was frozen for release.  However, if the developers have no
>objection, I would like to review their improvements and incorporate
>them into our main packages.
>Would this be okay?  Feel free to contact me off-list.
>> 2) Also, any chance we can get the integration into
>> the standard globus distribution on their webpage?
>It's possible, but that decision is up to the Globus developers.  I
>mailed Ian with the original release announcement so they definitely
>know that the packages exist, but we'll have to wait and see if they add
>it to their distribution.

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