[GE users] How to manage two cluster with diffenrent adminstrative domains?

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 01:09:42 BST 2005

Transfer queue forwards the job from one cluster to
another cluster.

However, if you just want to run multiple qmasters on
the same machine, then running each in its own
"virtual machine" (be it zone, or LPAR, or VMWare)
with its own IP and hostname is fine. This way, you
only need to setup one machine with HA.

(yes, shadow masters work but if you want Berkeley DB
spooling you will also need to place the spool
directory in NFSv4 or some kind of HA filesystems.)

The other way is to use different TCP port numbers for
different SGE clusters (but the port number has to be
the same within a cluster).

Also wanted to point out that you can have one
execution daemon in each virtual machine (IMO, this is
mainly for testing, or may be each virtual machine has
different configurations that is required for job
execution). On the other hand, it is more common to
have two SGE clusters with different port numbers when
you need to do migrations like upgrading from SGE 5.x
to SGE 6.0.


--- Patrice Seyed <apseyed at bu.edu> wrote:
> Isn't it transfer queues that allow you to qsub to a
> different qmaster? 
> Hmm..

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