[GE users] master migration woes

Andreas Haupt ahaupt at ifh.de
Wed May 18 08:10:08 BST 2005

Hello together,

When a maintenance is needed on the sge master host I want to migrate the 
qmaster service to the shadow master. To do this I use the startup script 
which is installed during the master installation.

In about 50% of the cases this doesn't work (FYI: atreju is master artax 
is shadow master):

[atreju] ~ # cat /opt/products/gridengine/6.0u4/default/common/act_qmaster
[atreju] ~ # /usr/bin/ssh artax /etc/init.d/sgemaster -migrate
     shutting down qmaster and scheduler on host "atreju.ifh.de" ...
root at artax.ifh.de kills qmaster
    starting sge_qmaster
    starting sge_schedd
error: unable to read qmaster name: qmaster hostname in 
"/opt/products/gridengine/6.0u4/default/common/act_qmaster" has zero 
length critical error: unable to read qmaster name: 
[atreju] ~ # cat /opt/products/gridengine/6.0u4/default/common/act_qmaster
[atreju] ~ #

After that only the sge_qmaster process is running on the shadow master - 
but not the sge_schedd.

The directory /opt/products/gridengine/6.0u4/default/common/ is in afs. 
Both hosts have full access to it.

Any ideas? Both hosts run SGE 6.0u4.

Thanks in advance.

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