[GE users] in what case(s) is SGE host_aliases consulted?

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu May 19 22:54:59 BST 2005

I have an interesting case with a group owning a cluster where the  
SGE qmaster node public hostname actually resolves back to an IP  
address that belongs to a firewall appliance. The firewall then does  
it's rule based thing and forwards packets on to the qmaster which  
actually has a private unroutable 192.168.1/24 DMZ-zone IP address.

Setting aside the obvious issue of having a host with a FDQN that  
does not resolve back to any actual active network interface (!) this  
got me thinking a bit about the host_aliases file in SGE ...

I know I can use host_aliases file to point client systems at the  
"real" DMZ IP address. During startup sge_execd will read and honor  
the alias listing. I use this feature quite often.

What I am curious about is if the SGE 6 "install_execd" script will  
also honor the host_aliases file when it does its "Checking Hostname  
Resolving" work.   Does anyone know off hand if it does or does not?  
My goal is to keep even the install-time SGE related traffic from  
having to traverse the firewall.


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