[GE users] seeking more qstat XML samples from the community

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Mon May 23 16:14:09 BST 2005

I'm building a soon-to-be-released monitoring tool that uses qstat  
XML output to make XHTML interfaces and RSS syndication feeds via  
XSLT transformations. The project is coming along quite well but  
attentions have now turned to making output filters and custom views  
for status information regarding very large clusters where a summary/ 
high-level view is required (instead of the default verbose reporting  
on queues, states and jobs).

To properly build output filters aimed at reporting data about  
moderate-to-big clusters I need some more XML status data to run  
through the XSLT translation engine that renders the various reports.  
Any cluster with more than 30 nodes or queue instances.

The larger the better! The only test data I have now comes from a  
cluster with 520 active queue instances and 300 pending parallel jobs.

The data I need will come from running the following command:

  qstat -r -f -explain aAcE -xml

Any and all data welcome!


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