[GE users] Penalise disproportion of requests und actual usage

Andreas Haupt ahaupt at ifh.de
Fri May 27 12:12:20 BST 2005

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Andreas Haas wrote:

> Please have a look at execd_params settings
> in sge_conf(5). The first one ensures integral memory usage (mem) is
> accounted based on h_vmem job requirement and cpu time is accounted
> based on jobs slot amount. The SHARETREE_RESERVED_USAGE does the same
> for cpu/mem resource utilization debited into the share-tree in case
> you've set-up one.

Thanks. I'll setup share-tree. One thing I did not find in the 
administration guide is this: How do functional shares and the share-tree 
influence each other? We have already setup a functional share policy for 
the different projects. The share-tree will now be setup more or less 
equally. Do I still need functional shares if a have a share-tree?


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