[GE users] qsub - connection refused

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri May 27 20:11:52 BST 2005

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Hi John,

in the test you made I see the hostname in all lowercase, the error message 
stated a different case. Can you try your interactive commands with GCMaster? 
I'm not sure, how ssh will handle different spelling in the know_hosts file, 
although they have the same TCP/IP address.

As long as you are using only serial jobs, there is no need for ssh or rsh 
between the two machines at all. Also running parallel jobs can use the built-in 
qrsh (if they are tightly integrated), and still there is no need for rsh/ssh.

Both machines are defined as adminstration hosts, and your one node also as exec 
host and submit host?

Cheers - Reuti

Quoting John Alberts <alberts at calumet.purdue.edu>:

> I have looked through the mailing list archives and the docs, but I can't
> find any mention of this error.  I just installed gridengine 6 on a master
> and 1 node following the install docs on the website.  When I got to the
> part about verifying installation by submitting a test job, I got an error.
> The command I used is:
>     qsub /opt/gridengine/examples/jobs/simple.sh
> When I type that, I get the following message:
>     Connection refused
>     qsub: cannot connect to server GCMaster (errno=111)
> gcmaster is my master host and gcnode1 is my 1 execution node I have.  I am
> using ssh instead of rsh.  I have a symlink for rsh->ssh, and both machines
> can communicate fine without passwords.
> The command:
>     rsh gcnode1 date
>     rsh gcmaster date
> both work fine.
> Going through previous messages on the maililng list, I also tried the
> qping
> command for both my master and exection node.  They both retuned results
> without errors.
> I have no idea what to try next.
> John Alberts
> Technical Assistant for EMS
> Purdue University Calumet
> 219-989-2083
> http://public.xdi.org/=john.alberts

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