[GE users] User job priority sorting with functional policy

Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer stephan.grell at sun.com
Mon May 30 09:04:52 BST 2005


I know your problem and I understand your take on it. Unfortunately, you
configure priority bands this way. However, you can achieve your desired
with the following setting:

weight_user                       1.000000
weight_project                    0.000000
weight_department                 0.000000
weight_job                        0.010000

And by submitting jobs with the extra option:
"-js <PRIORITY>"

This should result in a priority setting, that busts the job only within
the jobs
of one user without affecting the other users.

Mikael Johansson wrote:

>Hello All!
>With help from the list and Chris Dagdigian's instructions at 
>http://bioteam.net/dag/sge6-funct-share-dept.html, I set up a "Functional 
>policy" for sorting user jobs to be dispatched based on how many jobs the 
>user already has running on the cluster. For this, I modified the 
>scheduler configuration with 'qconf -msconf' so that 'weight_user' is 
>1.0. The other important settings are (I guess):
>weight_user                       1.000000
>weight_project                    0.000000
>weight_department                 0.000000
>weight_job                        0.000000
>weight_tickets_functional         100000
>weight_tickets_share              0
>share_override_tickets            TRUE
>share_functional_shares           TRUE
>report_pjob_tickets               TRUE
>weight_ticket                     9.000000
>weight_waiting_time               0.000000
>weight_deadline                   3600000.000000
>weight_urgency                    0.100000
>weight_priority                   0.200000
>This works very well, a user with less jobs running is always put in front 
>of a user with more jobs running in the waiting queue (qw).
>However, I have not figured out how to get internal job ordering for a 
>specific user to work. Adjusting the priority with the '-p' parameter is 
>not doing what I want. The value of '-p' is only taken into account when 
>calculating the "priority value" for the job, and then the weight of '-p' 
>is defined by the relative values of 'weight_ticket' and 
>'weight_priority'. But 'weight_priority' must be quite low, otherwise 
>people could just set -p 1024 to get to the top of the queue...(I guess 
>this could be remedied by telling people to always set -p 1024.)
>Anyway, I find no simple way for a user to define that he/she wants to 
>dispatch a specific job before another in the queue. Adjusting '-p' can 
>actually lead to a situation where lowering the priority drops the job 
>behind another users jobs. In any case, the user would have to fiddle 
>around to a ridiculous extent with different '-p':s to get her/his jobs in 
>the order desired. And this order could anyway be readjusted as soon as 
>the job distribution in the cluster changes...
>Is there a (simple) way of getting the jobs of a user sorted in order of 
>their '-p' values (or some other adjustable parameter) without otherwise 
>affecting the positions of the users jobs in the dispatch queue?
>OK, one ugly solution would be to 'qdel' the jobs that should be 
>dispatched later, and resubmitting them, as the time of submission doesn't 
>affect the ordering. But this only works in the cases where waiting time 
>doesn't count.
>Have a nice day,
>     Mikael J.
>     http://www.helsinki.fi/~mpjohans/
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