[GE users] load sensor values and consumable complexes

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon May 30 14:55:53 BST 2005

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Andreas Haupt wrote:
> Hello again,
> I have some problems in the understanding of how to combine consumable 
> complexes and how they can be returned be load sensors.
> Lets say I have a host with a maximum temp space of 20gb. As their are 
> only 15 gb available the load sensor returns just these 15 gb as the 
> value of the complex "tmp_free".
> Now a jobs starts which requests 5 gb of tmp_free. If tmp_free were 
> consumable qstat would now return a value of 10 gb. After 5 minutes the 
> job really uses 5 gb tmp space (which will be noticed by the load 
> sensor) -> The amount of tmp_free is being reduced to 5 gb. But that's 
> actually
> not what I want...
> Is it correct to say that you cannot let load sensors return consumable 
> complex_values? Or does GE have some "artificial intelligence" to deal 
> with that problem?

do you mean this from the manpage of complex:

In the case of a consumable on host level, which has also a load sensor, 
the system checks for the current usage, and if the inter-­
nal  accouting  is  more  restrictive  than  the load sensor report, the 
internal value is kept; if the load sensour report is more
restrictive, that one is kept.

What do you want to achieve originally?

CU - Reuti

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