[GE users] load sensor values and consumable complexes

Andreas Haupt ahaupt at ifh.de
Mon May 30 15:31:26 BST 2005

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On Mon, 30 May 2005, Reuti wrote:

> do you mean this from the manpage of complex:


> In the case of a consumable on host level, which has also a load sensor, the 
> system checks for the current usage, and if the inter-­
> nal  accouting  is  more  restrictive  than  the load sensor report, the 
> internal value is kept; if the load sensour report is more
> restrictive, that one is kept.

I just do not see how the internal accounting in combination with changing 
load sensor values works.

> What do you want to achieve originally?

Actually I just want to achieve an optimal resource consumption. Maybe I 
described the situation improperly.

I can set a "hard" host complex tmp_free to 20 gb without any load sensor 
and make it consumable. This works of course (if a jobs requests 10 gb, 
the still available space is decreased to 10 gb) but it is not sure that 
it reflects the "real" free space on that host. It's just an assumption.

To get the real value I need a load sensor. If now a job requests 10 gb of 
disk space the internal accounting would decrease the free temp space on 
that host by 10 gb. Right? There is no impact on the value returned by the 
load sensor by now. Some minutes later the jobs really uses 10 gb of temp 
space. Now the load sensor returns a value of tmp_free that is 10 gb less 
than the one measured before. Right?

How does GE work in this situation? If it behaved as you cited from 
the man page everything would be ok. Or does it a calculation like:
20 gb (original value) - 10 gb (internal accounting) - 10 gb (new load 
sensor value) = 0 gb!

But I think, your right. It behaves just like described in the man page.


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