[GE users] Difference between qmod y load thresholds for parrallel job?

Jerome jerome at ibt.unam.mx
Tue May 31 05:03:26 BST 2005

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I'm a new user of Grid Engine (with Rocks 3.3.0).
I'm trying to use the load/thresholds possibilities with a parralel job 
using a smpd deamonless system (as indicated in the "Tight Integration 
of the MPICH2 library into SGE" pdf document).
As i can see, the SIGSTOP signal stop well the "mpiexec" and the "qrsh" 
program, but the mpi program stay running. And so, the load average 
still increasing. That's not very usefull...

But if i use the queue control panel as the SGE administrador, and 
suspend the queue where this job is running, all goes good. I can see 
that all the programs (mpiexec, qrsh and the mpi-program) are stopped.
So what's the difference between the control panel from the 
administrador and the load/thresholds system?

Hope that's someone can help me:
Thank's a lot.

-- Jérôme
-Ah évidemment j'en suis pas encore aux toiles de maître, mais enfin 
c'est un début
-Oh c'est un début qui promet. Mais tu vois si j'étais chez moi comme tu 
le disais si gentiment,bah j'mettrai ?a ailleurs.
-Qu'est-ce que je disais, y s'rait mieux pr?s de la fen?tre. Tu le 
verrais o? toi ?
-? la cave.
	(Michel Audiard)

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