[GE users] Node communication problems.

Nick I clusterbuilder at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 17:35:23 GMT 2005

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I help maintain a Web site at
I have a section called Ask the Cluster Expert, where I am building a
knowledgebase of cluster and grid information. When someone asks a question
I am researching the answer to build this knowledgebase out. I received a
this following question:

 "I installed the latest version of
*SGE6*<http://www.sun.com/software/gridware>in my cluster. The
installation of server is OK. But when I install nodes,
it shows that it can't communicate with the server even when I turn off the
firewall. But I can ssh to the node from the server. NIS and NFS work. How
do I fix this?"

I know that specifics may be needed to fully solve the issue, but does
anyone have ideas of some general answers that will give some helpful
information on this problem? You can find the question at
www.clusterbuilder.org/FAQ <http://www.clusterbuilder.org/FAQ>


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