[GE users] exclusive queues - mutually subordinating

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Nov 3 17:10:24 GMT 2005


James Coomer wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using SGE6u3 on SuSe9.0 cluster
> We are using queues in a slightly unusual way, where we have a parallel.q
> and serial.q spanning all queues. Each queue has the other in the
> subordinate_list so that parallel and serial jobs don't mix on a host.
> I can't ( I dont think) force the exclusivity by using a per-host slot
> consumable because (for good reasons) we have 1 slot per host for the
> parallel queues and 2 for the serial queues (they are 2cpu machines)
> My problem is that under certain circumstances both serial and parallel
> jobs can get scheduled in the same scheduling cycle and occupy both queues
> simultaneously, and suspend eachother.
> I've found similar queries in the archives, but nothing quite the same.
> Any ideas?

what about two consumables complexes (int, requestable, default value 
1): one for the parallel queue: slots_parallel and for the serial one 
slots_serial. Both are attached to each exec-host, having a value of 2 
and 1. Then attach the slots_parallel as a load threshold to the serial 
queue with value 2, and the slots_serial with a value of 1 to the 
parallel queue. Using this consumable in the qsub commands: 
slots_parallel for parallel jobs and vice versa.

So each consumable complex should send the other queue to alarm state 
and now new jobs should go in. I'm not sure, whether this will prevent 
the scheduling in the same interval.


Cheers - Reuti

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