[GE users] GE with application where fork and parent exits

Jonathan T Zink jtzink at raytheon.com
Fri Nov 4 21:24:48 GMT 2005


I have an application which does a fork call.  The parent
then exits normally (via _exit()) and the child process
continues work.

Gridengine seems to be exiting normally after the parent
exits (and killing all the child processes) thus interrupting

How do I prevent GridEngine from doing this i.e. is there 
a way to force it to check the all forked child processes?
I have been looking at the PE options but this isn't really
a parallel environment task (as the parent is done not
long after the child has been forked).  Help?

Yes, I know the parent id of the child process has been
changed to init after the parent exits.  I really don't want the parent
hanging around (the application image is fairly large) so that is
not an option.

Command:  qsub -cwd -j y -m aes -b y   executable <args>
Verison: GridEngine 6.0u1
OS: Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3
Platform: ia64

Jonathan Zink
jtzink at raytheon.com

Jonathan Zink
Raytheon Missile Systems
520.489.0742 pager
jtzink at raytheon.com

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