[GE users] better Globus integration for GE-multiclustering??

Melvin Koh melvin at apstc.sun.com.sg
Mon Nov 7 04:42:21 GMT 2005

Installation has improved tremendously in GT4. The way I see it, the
difficulty in integrating GT and GE has more to do with the
configuration of WS-GRAM and the integration package. I was told that the
Globus team's plan right now is to improve on the usability and stability
of the toolkit. Perhaps LeSC or GridWise can also do something to simplify
the configuration for their integration package as well? :P

On Wed, 2 Nov 2005, Ron Price wrote:

> Rayson,
> That was/is a great recommendation to Ian! I have been working with Globus
> for the last two years, and it is a pain to install, configure and
> administer.
> GT4 is much better, but still lacking. My general recommendation would be
> to make the install as easy as SGE. I have never had a text based
> installation
> go so smoothly. So, maybe add a few more questions to the SGE install that
> will grab, install and configure GT4 (possibly only the necessary portions
> of
> GTX to join SGE clusters together) before/after SGE is installed and
> configured.
> I realize that would be NO small task.
> On 11/2/05, Rayson Ho <rayrayson at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Ian Foster (the Globus guy) gave a talk at a conference [1] in Toronto
> > 2 weeks ago, and I had a quick chat with him. I told him that setting
> > up the Globus toolkit is way too much overhead (or trouble), and the
> > list of required software is long [2]. What most people on this list
> > want is a simple solution to join multiple GE clusters together!!
> >
> > He is now starting up a company (Univa) which focuses on enterprise
> > grid solutions, may be it is a good time to send a list of suggestions
> > to him.
> >
> > So... suggestions for better Globus/GE integration?? I will compile a
> > list, forward it to the globus list, and then follow up with Ian.
> >
> > Rayson
> >
> > P.S. anyone else was spamed by Univa ("Engineering opportunities at
> > Univa")?? I told Ian about that and he said Univa will not do it again
> > :p
> >

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