[GE users] Killing stale processes after a job

Clements, Brent M (SAIC) clembm at bp.com
Mon Nov 7 17:23:06 GMT 2005

This is our situation, hopefully someone has a solution(We've thought of
a few but want your opinions):

We have a cluster running SGE 5.3

We have a user who runs a PVM based application which doesn't appear to
be tightly integrated with SGE

When the job ends, or the user deletes the job, the applications
processes are still running on the cluster compute nodes which he
submitted his job to.

Our configuration is such that a user can submit multiples jobs to the
same set of nodes, so doing an skill -u uid in a cleanup script would
not work well in our situation.

I'm assuming others have run into this problem before, how have those of
you who have, solved the issue?


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